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Research and education are closely intertwined at Radboud University. Our scientists and students explore and push boundaries and give meaning to them. In this way, they become knowledgeable, involved, critical and self-confident academics who give direction to society with intelligence. 

Together with Radboudumc, we offer much room for innovation thanks to donations. We cannot do this alone, we need you. That is why, as a donor of the University Fund, you will support initiatives that make a meaningful contribution to society. For example, our researchers are at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs: breakthroughs in cancer research, research into chronic diseases such as Parkinson's, diabetes and Alzheimer's. We made the first images of the black hole in collaboration with other universities and supported initiatives by students for students during the corona crisis. With your support, we will create scholarships for a new generation of scientists and ensure a healthy, free world, with equal opportunities for all. 

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In 2023, we celebrate 100 years of Radboud University. One hundred years, in which we have been driven by scientific questions as well as major societal challenges. One hundred years in which we worked towards a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. We plan to proceed with this important work for the 100 years to come, because we are committed to making our world an even better place for future generations. That is why we have created Radboud100: a special collective that will be launched in this anniversary year. Radboud100 brings together people who want to give extra power to future-proof projects and meaningful initiatives, such as research into strengthening dykes with more varied vegetation, or creating grants that allow refugees to study in freedom. And these two projects are only the beginning. Radboud100 aims to make much more possible in the next century. Which is why we cordially invite everyone to join our close-knit network. Floral dykes that protect us better, also in the future What type of vegetation creates dykes that better protects us from high water? That is what Eric Visser is investigating. This is clearly no luxury as sea levels continue to rise and the weather becomes more extreme. Eric is investigating which plants can make dykes stronger and more resistant to drought. Plants that are also attractive to insects, thus improving biodiversity. Eric and his team see a future in the colourful strengthening of our dykes. That is why Radboud100 supports his research. Helping refugees study in freedomSuppose you’ve had to flee your country and leave everything behind. You also had to stop studying. After a gruelling time of waiting and uncertainty, you are finally allowed to stay in the Netherlands – and then? You are free to study (again). But is that even possible, financially? Radboud100 offers refugees the chance to study at Radboud University. Without financial worries, allowing them to start building their future right away. With help from Radboud100, they can study in freedom. How does it work? When you contribute to Radboud100, you support meaningful projects together. Of course, all donations are welcome. With a donation of at least €50, you become part of Radboud100 and make a real difference together with others. Joining will give you the following benefits:- Access to a close-knit network of committed donors- Invitations to interesting lectures and special events- A real Radboud100 welcome gift- Two anniversary issues of Radboud Magazine in 2023. With a donation of €100 or more, you will receive as a gift a copy of the book 100 jaar Radboud Universiteit in 101 beelden 1923-2023 (100 Years of Radboud University in 101 Images, 1923-2023). The centenary is the reason to start Radboud100, but after this year, Radboud100 remains significant. Every year, we choose impactful projects to which Radboud100 contributes. Would you like to commit to Radboud100 for a longer period of time? Then fill in the form here. (in Dutch)
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Doelbedrag bereikt!

13-02-2023 | 11:26 Posted on: Letterprins Het is gelukt! Met een genereuze bijdrage van StITPro hebben we het doelbedrag bereikt. Heel veel dank aan alle donateurs die het mogelijk hebben gemaakt Letterprins verder te ontwikkelen. Op dit moment zijn er meer dan 6.000 accounts aangemaakt bij Letterprins. Zo’n 3.000 kinderen gebruiken het dagelijks met veel plezier. Ook spelen? Kijk op letterprins.nl
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Wies (LMC)

02-10-2023 | 19:01 To: Radboud100: joining forces for a better world Deel uitmaken van een positieve beweging.