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Research and education are closely intertwined at Radboud University. Our scientists and students explore and push boundaries and give meaning to them. In this way, they become knowledgeable, involved, critical and self-confident academics who give direction to society with intelligence. 

Together with Radboudumc, we offer much room for innovation thanks to donations. We cannot do this alone, we need you. That is why, as a donor of the University Fund, you will support initiatives that make a meaningful contribution to society. For example, our researchers are at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs: breakthroughs in cancer research, research into chronic diseases such as Parkinson's, diabetes and Alzheimer's. We made the first images of the black hole in collaboration with other universities and supported initiatives by students for students during the corona crisis. With your support, we will create scholarships for a new generation of scientists and ensure a healthy, free world, with equal opportunities for all. 

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Because of the war, more than 4 million people fled Ukraine. The refugees came up with a clear request for help: help us to make ourselves understood by giving English lessons. We would like to help them with that. Would you like to help too? Donate now for a free English course for the refugees from Ukraine. Why English and not Dutch? We often hear from the Ukrainians that they need to make themselves better understood. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. Because the future is still uncertain (and will remain so for some time) they indicate that they would be helped with a better command of English and not so much with Dutch. Their stay in the Netherlands is expected to be temporary. Most of them want to make use of the (hopefully) short time they are here. Wherever they end up: English always comes in handy. The Dutch welcome refugees The municipality of Nijmegen tries to accommodate the refugees from the Ukraine as well as they possibly can. Temporarily of course, because most of them want to return as soon as possible. Still, many initiatives have been started and many involved Dutch people want to help the people from Ukraine to make them feel welcome, safe and at home in the Netherlands. That is why more than 3,500 people signed up for a free course in Ukrainian given by Radboud in'to Languages. Would you like to lend a hand? Donate for a free English course By donating, you will help a refugee from Ukraine learn English (level A2/B1) within a few weeks. The target amount of €7,000 will enable a first group of 20 students to start. All help is welcome. Thank you very much!   More information The course will be compiled and be given by Radboud in'to Languages, the centre of expertise for language and communication at Radboud University. Radboud in'to Languages has been providing English and Dutch courses for non-native speakers for thirty years. As a language institute they know how important language is. How essential it is to be able to understand each other, and the contribution language makes to this. Language is a connector. You can read more about Radboud University and the war in Ukraine at www.ru.nl/ukraine.
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Aandacht voor de crowdfunding en de verhuizing op RN7 !

13-01-2022 | 13:44 Posted on: Help Phocas build a new boathouse, phase 2! Onlangs heeft RN7 een artikel geplaatst over de crowdfunding en zijn zij langsgekomen op het oude botenhuis in het Maas-Waalkanaal. In de video verzorgt Phocas-bestuurslid Sophie Riswick een rondleiding op het botenhuis. Ze laat onder andere de nostalgie van de oude locatie zien, maar voornamelijk de noodzaak voor verhuizing.
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12-05-2022 | 13:39 To: Beter leren in een veilige klas