I keep cycling

Project about cycling and bicycle skills

Cycling is a fascinating activity: using subtle movements, we keep the bicycle upright and steer it in the direction we want to go. And all this we usually do completely unconscious. However, we cannot trust on this skill for our whole life: when getting older, our body changes (a.o., our senses, joints and muscles) and we often switch to a different type of bicycle than the one we used to build our cycling skill.

Fortunately, our brain is able to adapt itself to a different body and different type of bicycle. However, it needs some help to achieve this: clever targeted exercises that reprogram our brain such that we build a new cycling skill which is suited for our new body and our new bicycle.

The project "I keep cycling" has been intiated by Eric Maris, Principal Investigator at Donders Centre for Cognition, Radboud University. As a cognitive neuroscientist he investigates multiple cognitive functions that are important to be able to keep cycling, as How do we stay upright? and How do we see danger?

"I keep cycling" has a scientific and societal goal. The scientific goal is to show how existing scientific knowledge is relevant to such everyday activities as cycling, and the societal goal is to help cyclists to cycle safely for longer.

On www.ikblijffietsen.nl you will read more about the scientific knowledge about cycling and find exercises to improve your bicycle skills.

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