We did it!

18-12-2015 | 10:49

We did it! With your help we made the 25,000 euros we were aiming at for the restoration of the prayer book of Mary of Guelders, within a month and a half. We never dreamed that the support for our project would be so overwhelming. Your enthusiasm and involvement confirmed our conviction that the restoration of this prayer book is not only of scholarly but especially of social importance.


And we achieved something else as well: Museum Het Valkhof announced their intention to devote an exhibition to the book within five years. And the Berlin State Library vouches for its restoration. Thank you for enabling us to make this possible on your behalf.


Restoration is intended to begin shortly. We will be happy to keep you informed about this process via email and www.ru.nl/mariavangelre. And of course we would one day like to welcome you to the Valkhof Museum, so that we can admire ‘our’ prayer book together.


On behalf of the entire team,

Johan Oosterman