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Images: Voxweb; Marjolein van Diejen, Bert Beelen

For a few weeks, over 1,000 Afghan refugees have been living at Heumensoord. The Heumensoord refugee university work group would like to help them learn the Dutch language and culture as soon as possible. This enables asylum seekers to better integrate into society. By making a donation, you can contribute to the purchase of teaching materials and help them on their way. Would you like to lend a hand?

The University Group Refugees Heumensoord offers refugees a good start with teaching materials. With the target amount of €5,000, they will buy teaching materials, pay for web applications, and provide hardware for studying. With this amount, the work group can purchase a minimum of 300 course books.

The work group also provides education: Radboud in’to Languages trains volunteer language coaches who guide the refugees in learning the Dutch language. Discussions will also be held between students, researchers, and the asylum seekers, and whenever possible, the work group will bring them into contact with the university.
Do you want to help refugees and contribute to facilitating Dutch language courses? Help us purchase teaching materials and make a donation. All help is appreciated. Thank you!

Would you like to read more about the support Radboud University offers to the residents of Heumensoord? Take a look at our website

About The University Group Refugees Heumensoord
The University Group Refugees Heumensoord is a group of academics connected to the Radboud University, which is committed to helping refugees from Heumensoord. The group consists of a large group of employees, so that almost all faculties and areas of expertise are represented within it. The group cooperates with the coordinator of the “tailored refugee programme” in the Academic Affairs department of Radboud University.

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€10 24-01-2022 | 10:29
€10 16-01-2022 | 19:30 Deze vluchtelingen verdienen een warme en liefdevolle opvang!
€15 12-01-2022 | 21:31
€10 10-01-2022 | 20:59 Ik gun deze mensen een beter leven met perspectief.
€25 07-01-2022 | 11:23 Je huis achterlaten en in een nieuw land een bestaan moeten opbouwen is zwaar en voor de meeste van ons niet voor te stellen. Om naast alle emotionele problemen niet ook nog te weinig financiële middelen te hebben om een toekomst te creëren, draag ik graag mijn steentje bij in de hoop dat het alle pijn iets verlicht.